Dolphins are one of the most intriguing mammals on this Earth. These sociable creatures have a lot to teach to humans.

Researchers have been studying dolphins for years. Even though they have learned a lot about their types, their feeding habits, their habitat and more, they are still discovering facts and information on a regular basis.

Nowadays, with the technology that is available to scientists, it is now possible to study the echolocation of dolphins, their behavior, their migration areas, how they feed, sleep and defend themselves against predators, etc.

This site will also enable you to get some information on how these marine mammals
interact with humans, the endangered species and the associations and laws that protect them.

We will also introduce you to pet therapy and its benefits and to ecotourism which is basically the entertainment and activities related to dolphins usually in their natural environment.

And finally, you will have the opportunity to take a peek at all the items shaped or representing dolphins that are available to dolphins' lovers such as: jewelry, arts, clothing, etc.

All these topics are explored on this site through a variety of articles that you are welcome to read, learn and enjoy these resources that are all about dolphins.

Dolphins are a source of popular interest.

This is a nice example of a bottlenose dolphin. As you can see, this specie is not a shy one!

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