Hectors dolphin

One of the smallest and rarest dolphin species is the Hectors dolphin. Let's discover this specie together!

The Hectors dolphin is also known as Cephalorhynchus Hectori which is the scientific name of this specie.

Hectors dolphin is also the smallest dolphin of them all. Its
length varies from 1. 2 to 1.4 m long. As for its weight, it can attain from 40 to 50Kg when it reaches its adult size.

Hectors dolphin can be found near the New Zealand coast as it prefers warmer waters. Unlike some other species of dolphins, this one seems to be located in one special area which can appear to be peculiar. Since the location where this specie can be observed is unique, it definitely influences positively ecotourism. Why? Simply because tourists interested in dolphin watching would have a wonderful opportunity to observe first hand this unique specie.

Hectors dolphin has quite a simple menu. It is basically made of small fish and cephalopods. Because of its small size, his food is not offering as much variety as some other dolphins such as the Killer Whale.

Usually, you can observe these dolphins in group of 2 to 8 individuals. The Hectors dolphin is also part of the endangered dolphins species as it has only 7,400 individuals left in the world.

As you can see, the Hectors dolphin is an interesting specie to study and I would suggest that if you ever get the chance to do some dolphin watching in its natural habitat that you should take the opportunity to do so as I am sure that you will enjoy the experience.

Such a natural treasure must be protected well. Let's give our children the chance to learn about them, appreciate them and even maybe someday to have the chance to observe them in their natural habitat.

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