Spinner dolphins

Spinner dolphins are not quite as well-known as the Bottlenose dolphin as their habitat is located in almost all oceans. The only ocean that does not represent the living area of this type of dolphin is the Arctic Ocean.

Spinner dolphins are not amongst the biggest dolphins. The length of this specie varies between 1.8 and 2.1 meters long and their weight can attain up to 75 kg.

The scientific name for the Spinner dolphins is Stenella Longirostris. What does this marine mammal eat? This type of dolphin eats mostly long and narrow fishes.

Are the spinner dolphins on the endangered dolphins list? Since the presence of this type of dolphin has been located and observed in most oceans, it explains why it is not on the endangered dolphins list.

If you ever have the opportunity to observe the Spinner dolphins while dolphin watching, you will surely enjoy the experience.

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