Clymene dolphin

The Clymene dolphin is not as well-known as the Bottlenose dolphin but despite that fact, it is not on the endangered dolphins list, like some of its cousins.

The scientific name of the Clymene dolphin is Stenella Clymene. Its habitat is located in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean which explains why it is not as well-known.

The Clymene dolphin is not as big as some other dolphin specie with its length which varies between 1.8 and 2.1 meters long. As for its weight, it can attain up to 80 kg.

The menu of the Clymene dolphin is mainly composed of fishes and cephalopods. If you ever go dolphin watching in the areas where its natural habitat is located, you may be lucky enough to observe some of these marine mammals first hand. Then I would suggest: "Watch and enjoy the view as it will be quite an experience."

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