Whitebeaked dolphin

Do you know the Whitebeaked dolphin? If not, let's discover this dolphin specie together!

This marine mammal is not as well-known as his cousins, the Bottlenose dolphin or the Killer Whale as its natural habitat is located in cold seas as well as in the North Atlantic region.

The Whitebeaked dolphin is of approximately medium size. Its length can attain up to 3.1 meters long while its weight can reach a maximum of 230 kg.

While the Whitebeaked dolphin cannot be observed in as many areas as others during a dolphin watching tour, it does not belong on the endangered dolphins list. If you ever have the opportunity to look at it first hand, I encourage you to enjoy such an experience.

What does the Whitebeaked dolphin eat? This type of dolphin usually feeds on fishes and cephalopods. The scientific name of th Whitebeaked dolphin is Lagenorhyncus Albirostris.

If you wish to view a picture of the Whitebeaked dolphin, I invite you to go to the main page of this site called: "What are the 32 types of dolphins?" You can also observe other dolphins species.

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