Facts on the Dusky dolphin

One of the facts on the Dusky dolphin is that it is living in the cold coastal waters of the Southern hemisphere which explains why it cannot be observed as often as its cousin, the Bottlenose dolphin since its natural habitat is more common as it is spread out all over the world. So, to view this dolphin specie in its own surroundings, you must travel in the Southern hemisphere while on a dolphin watching tour.

Another one of the facts on the Dusky dolphin is its scientific name which is Lagenorhyncus Obscurus. It is one of the smallest dolphins with a length that varies between 1.5 and 1.7 meters long and its weight can reach a maximum of 150 kg.

Amongst the facts on the Dusky dolphin, you can find that it is not on the endangered dolphins list and that like other salt water dolphins, it is protected by laws. This marine mammal mainly feeds itself on anchovies and cephalopods.

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