Information on the Hourglass dolphin

Would you like some information on the Hourglass dolphin? Here are some interesting facts about this type of dolphin. Just read, learn and enjoy!

An information on the Hourglass dolphin is the reason of its name. If you look at it picture on the main page of this site called: "What are the 32 types of dolphins?" you can see that the white design of the main line on its side has the abstract shape of an hourglass. The scientific name of this dolphin is Lagenorhyncus Cruciger.

Another type of information on the Hourglass dolphin that I can share with you is regarding its size. Its maximum length varies between 1.5 up to 1.8 meters long and its weight can be up to 100 kg which makes it one of the small dolphins.

The specific location of its natural habitat is also another information on the Hourglass dolphin that is unique. This dolphin specie actually lives in the cold waters of the Antarctic. It explains why it is not observed during dolphin watching tour but mostly during scientific expeditions. This dolphin is not on the endangered dolphins list despite the fact that it is not as spread out as its cousin, the Bottlenose dolphin.

Amongst the information on the Hourglass dolphin, its feeding habit is one of the facts that are interesting. While several sites will tell you that the menu of this dolphin is unknown, I am able to provide you with this information which is small fishes and squids.

If you wish to find out some facts about other dolphin species, feel free to read the articles related to them after reading this information on the Hourglass dolphin. I am confident that it will tickle your interest.

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