Peale's dolphin

The Peale's dolphin is not as well-known as its cousin the Bottlenose dolphin despite the fact that this dolphin specie's natural habitat is locate in several areas such as the cold coastal waters, in South America as well as in the Falkland waters.

The Peale's dolphin has a small to medium size range. Its length can attain a maximum of 2.3 meters long. Its maximal weight can be up to 115 kg. The scientific name of this marine mammal is Lagenorhyncus Australis.

The menu of the Peale's dolphin is mainly composed of cephalopods and fishes. Since this type of dolphin is not on the endangered dolphins list, it could be easier to observe them while on a dolphin watching tour in these areas. Like other dolphin species, this one is protected by laws as well.

The Peale's dolphin, like several other species, counts amongst its enemies, humans, sharks and other dolphins such as the killer whale which is preying on small dolphins and their babies.

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