Fraser's dolphin pictures

Are you looking for Fraser's dolphin pictures? Then, I invite you to go to the main page of this site called: "What are the 32 types of dolphins?" to see a picture of this dolphin specie. You will as well find pictures of other types of dolphins. But before you leave this page, why not learn more facts about this marine mammal first?

While searching for Fraser's dolphin pictures, did you also look for them under its scientific name of Lagenodelphis Hosei? Did you know that these dolphins natural habitat is located only in tropical waters? This dolphin specie, like other dolphin species is protected by laws despite the fact that it is not on the endangered dolphins list.

If you ever go on a vacation in the tropics, I suggest that you bring a camera and take a lot of Fraser's dolphin pictures for your album and to share with family and friends. During a dolphin watching tour, you may be able to take a few pictures of these dolphins.

Here are some interesting facts about dolphins of this specie that you cannot find by only looking at Fraser's dolphin pictures. First, their size is in the medium range. Its maximum length ranges between 2.3 and 2.7 meters long while its weight varies between 160 and 210 kg. Its menu is mainly composed of cephalopods and fishes.

Now that you read this article, I invite you to view one of these Fraser's dolphin pictures that you have been looking for, on the main page suggested in the first paragraph of this article. Enjoy!

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