Are Rough Toothed dolphins endangered?

Are Rough Toothed dolphins endangered? This dolphin specie is not on the endangered dolphins list despite the fact that its natural habitat is located in specific regions such as the tropical and warm waters. If you ever have the opportunity to see this marine mammal during a dolphin watching tour in that part of the world, I am certain that you would enjoy such an experience.

The scientific name for this type of dolphin is Steno Bredanensis. The size of this marine mammal ranges from small to medium. Its length varies between 2.3 and 2.8 meters long while its weight can reach between 130 and 160 kg.

Why aren't uncommon species like the Rough Toothed dolphins endangered? Well one of the main reasons is that while laws protect all dolphins, the river dolphins are more susceptible to suffer the consequences of a higher pollution level that is affecting the rivers a lot more since several industries are emptying chemicals that destroy the river dolphins delicate habitat contrary to the salt water dolphins.

Do marine biologists expect the rough toothed dolphins endangered cousins to share their fate in the future? The answer is no. As long as laws protect them, their population should be safe. The only thing that may prove to be dangerous to them is the fishermen quotas of how many dolphins they can catch without suffering a penalty.

In some countries, hunting a certain amount of dolphins is tolerated when the fish amount in their nets is drastically affected by dolphins. Either way, I personally think that it is wrong.

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