Melon-headed Whale

The Melon-headed Whale which also has the scientific name of Peponocephala Electra, is not a whale but belongs in the dolphin family. In fact, besides the word "whale" in its name, these two marine mammals are not related at all even if they share some similarities.

The Melon-headed Whale feeds mostly on cephalopods and small fishes. Its name comes from the rounded shape of its head. Its length can reach from 2.5 up to 2.7 meters long while its weight varies between 150 and 170 kg.

The Melon-headed Whale lives in coastal waters and high seas in the tropical and subtropical regions. Despite the fact that this dolphin specie is not as well-known as its cousins the Bottlenose dolphin and the Killer Whale, it is not amongst the endangered dolphins species and can be observed during a dolphin watching cruise.

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