Black dolphin

The thought of a Black dolphin is very intriguing in itself. We will provide you with some information that will inform you about this type of dolphin.

The Black dolphin seems to be a quite mysterious specie as there is still a lot to learn about this dolphin specie that is still unknown to mankind. What does the Black dolphin eat? It eats crabs, fishes and squids.

Where does the Black dolphin live? This unique specie lives in the coastal Chili waters. What is the scientific name of the Black dolphin? Its scientific name is Cephalorhynchus Eutropia.

What size can an adult Black dolphin be? The weight of this type of dolphin is approximately 50 kg at full maturity. As for its length, it is up to approximately 1.6 meters long.

If you ever have the opportunity to observe this marine mammal in its natural habitat while going dolphin watching, don't miss it! It will be worthwhile!

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