Killer Whale

The Killer Whale may have the word "whale" in its name but it is not a whale. It is the largest dolphins specie. Its length is ranging from 6.5 up to 9.5 meters long. Its weight varies from 4 to 8 tons. Its scientific name is Orchinus Orca. The term Orca is often used to designate these marine mammals.

The Killer Whale deserves its name despite the fact that they seem so gentle and friendly towards humans during acrobatic shows such as the ones seen at Marineland or Sea World, they are still wild animals. Don't forget that in these aquariums, they are well trained by people who studied and were trained with the dolphin trainers education.

There will never be a full guarantee that this type of dolphin will not display an aggressive behavior towards their trainers or the spectators one day, out of the blue. In the wild, they are known as fierce and strategic predators towards their preys. They are so powerful and fearless that they can attack in a few feet of water and return to deeper water easily.

In general, these marine mammals attack because of hunger or to defend themselves and their calves but they are also known to do so to play with each other. They sometimes will trap a seal and play catch with it without taking a bite and will even let it go when playtime is over. Unfortunately, the seal has suffered injuries and often will not survive the situation.

This type of dolphin is a popular specie, not only because of its acrobatic performances but also for living in all coastal waters, oceans and seas. These dolphins food menu is composed of infant whales, small dolphins, seals, turtles and fishes.

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