Dolphin anklet

What is a dolphin anklet? The word anklet is actually a made up word that was composed with the words "ankle" and "bracelet". So, an anklet is a type of jewelry that resembles a bracelet but that people wear around their ankle. Each anklet can display a special pattern of beads, pearls and charms. In this case, the theme of the anklet is based on the dolphin.

Where can you purchase a dolphin anklet? Well, on the main page of this site called: "Dolphins jewelry" you will find a list of online stores that offer a good selection of dolphin themed jewelry such as anklets.

Dolphins have been a source of curiosity and mystery to humans since their first encounter, thousands of years ago. Several native cultures actually worship them and use dolphins jewelry such as a dolphin themed anklet to bring luck and fertility upon them.

In the old days, sailors used to believe that if dolphins were seen during their journey, luck would protect them. Often, they would also wear dolphins jewelry to bring luck in their life and during their numerous trips. Some sailors would also wear a dolphin anklet or offer it as a gift to a loved one. So, why not treat yourself to one?

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