Dolphin keychain wedding favors

Are you organizing your wedding? Have you been looking for a special wedding favor? Do you have a special theme for your wedding such as marine life? Let us introduce you to dolphin keychain wedding favors.

You see, this type of wedding favor has several benefits to it. The first benefit is the fact that it is both small and beautiful which can both embellish a wedding table top without the need of wrapping each one individually so it saves money and time so you may focus on other areas of your wedding reception.

The second benefit provided by dolphin keychain wedding favors is symbolic. You see, for centuries, native tribes believed that dolphins symbolize both fertility and luck. So, as wedding favors, they wish people both qualities as well as bless the new couple with them as well. Even sailors used to believe in luck during their trips if a pod of dolphins was observed from their ship.

The third benefit is a useful one. You can put on your keys on it which will allow your guests to find their keys easily as well as have them handy in the same place.

The fourth benefit is that it can match a wedding's theme such as a marine life one. They are decorative as well as great gifts for each guest. You can also find them in a variety of materials and price ranges. They are also the kind of gift that most people can use and keep for years as a wonderful souvenir from the great time that had at your wedding.

The last benefit of these wedding favors is that because of its size, these wedding favors do not need much storage room and each guest can put it easily in a pocket or a purse as such a gift is of small size.

As you can see, dolphin keychain wedding favors come with
several benefits which will make each guest feel both special and happy
about such a nice a useful gift. All ages, men or women will enjoy and
use this unisex and ageless wedding gift.

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