How big do Pink River dolphins get?

How big do Pink River dolphins get? What do river dolphins eat? Why are Pink dolphins endangered? Here are some of the many questions that can be answered right here. That is why if you are intrigued by river dolphins of this type, I invite you to read this informative article.

The name of this river dolphins' specie is known as either the Pink River dolphin, the Boto or the Amazon River dolphin. Its scientific name is Inia geoffrensis. How big do pink river dolphins get? Its length can reach up to 2,8 meters long while its weight can attain a maximum of 150 kg.

What do Pink River dolphins eat? These dolphins food is mainly composed of fishes. In fact they eat a variety of fishes that can be up of fifty different species but their favorite seems to be the catfish.

Where do Pink River dolphins live? They live in the main rivers of the Amazon as well as in the Orinoco water systems. They only live in fresh water systems such as rivers.

Here are some of the Pink dolphin facts. First fact: at birth, the Amazon River dolphin is grey but its color changes with age as it becomes pink. Second fact: the Pink River dolphins are unique as they have what looks similar to molar teeth which allow them to chew their preys. Third fact: this river dolphins' specie is a slow swimmer. Fourth fact: they rest at the bottom of the river. Fifth fact: when they get excited, Pink River dolphins will flush in a brighter pink color on a temporarily basis.

Why are pink dolphins endangered? These marine mammals are facing several dangerous conditions which are responsible for them to be on the vulnerable list. Such factors as: pollution, dams, fishing, boat traffic and being victimized by men for food or sport; are responsible of Pink dolphins endangered situation which is why laws are currently protecting these endangered dolphins.

As you can see, these river dolphins are not only intriguing and unique but they also need our help to survive. Now that you read this article, if someone ask you: "How big do Pink River dolphins get?" and other questions, you will be able to answer each and every one of these questions.

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