Chinese River dolphins endangered

Are Chinese River dolphins endangered? The answer is: yes! These dolphins which are also called Baiji or Yangtze River dolphins, have been amongst the endangered dolphins list for quite some time. The main reasons for this critical situation are: pollution, hydroelectric dams, boat traffic, fishing nets and also fishing practices in Chinese water as fishermen will kill dolphins if they believe that they are responsible for either ripped nets or an important diminution of fish quantity.

What is the scientific name of the Chinese River dolphins endangered specie? It is Lipotes vexillifer. This type of dolphin is amongst the smallest dolphins species. Its length is ranging between 2 and 2,5 meters long while its weight can reach a maximum of 100 kg.

The natural habitat of these river dolphins specie is the main waterway of the Yang Tsť Kiang in a territory spread on a few hundred kilometers. This specie has been protected since 1975 but despite the laws protecting them, there are only between 200 and 300 individuals left. This dolphin specie is also unique in the fact that instead of living in pods, it prefers to live alone or with a partner. These marine mammals mainly feed themselves on a variety of fishes.

As you can see, the Chinese River dolphins endangered specie is not only interesting to know but also, it is symbolizing peace as its dorsal fin is wearing the nickname of "white flag". I also invite you to view a picture of the Chinese River dolphin on the main page of this site called: "Facts about dolphins".

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