The Franciscana also known as de la Plata dolphin is the only type of river dolphins that are not part of either the endangered dolphins or vulnerable dolphins list. It is also known to marine biologists and scientists under its Latin name: Pontoporia blainvillei.

Like several dolphins species, the Franciscana is of smaller size. Its length can reach a maximum of 1,70 meters long while it weight can attain up to 50 kg. Its menu is composed of fishes and shellfish that it finds at the bottom of the river.

This kind of marine mammals is still protected by laws as the last thing that you need is to threaten the only river dolphin specie that is not currently at risk. Also, if you consider the fact that its natural habitat is located in a very specific region, threatening them would put them at high risk of total extinction. De la Plata dolphin is living in the coastal waters of South America that cover the territory between Argentina and Brazil.

The Franciscana is noticeable with its long and narrow snout but seems difficult to be observed as it prefers to avoid being the star during a dolphin watching tour. It also seems to be one of the favorite preys of its predators: the killer whale and the sharks. Unfortunately, quite a few members of this dolphin specie have been meeting their sad faith by getting caught and drowning in fishing nets. If you wish to view a picture of this type of river dolphins, I invite you to view a picture of it on the main page of this site called: "Facts about dolphins". On this page, you will also discover other amazing facts about dolphins. Read and enjoy!

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