Gange River dolphins

The Gange River dolphins are one of the river dolphins species on the vulnerable list, the other one being the Amazon River dolphin also known as the Pink River dolphin.

The scientific name of this dolphin specie is Platanista gangetica. The Ganges River dolphins weight varies between 70 kg and 90 kg. Their length ranges between 1,5 m and 2,5 m long.

The diet of the Gange River dolphins consists mainly of fishes and cephalopods. Their natural habitat is the Ganges River which goes from Brahmapoutre to Bangladesh in India.

The Gange River dolphins like their close cousin, the Indus River dolphin, prefers to swim mostly alone or in pairs but occasionally, you can see them in pods of up to ten individuals. This dolphin specie can on its side and is almost blind. The male has a longer snout and when it breathes by its blowhole, it sounds like a big sneeze.

As you can see, the Gange River dolphins are not only rare but also worth learning about them, their habits and other amazing facts. If you ever have the opportunity to observe them while on a dolphin watching tour, enjoy it as it is quite rare to be able to do so. If you wish to view a picture of this dolphin specie, I invite you to go on the main page of this site called: "Facts about dolphins". At the same time, enjoy looking at the other dolphins species.

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