Commerson's dolphin

The Commerson's dolphin is amongst the smallest species in the dolphin family. The scientific name for a Commerson's dolphin is Cephalorhynchus Commersoni.

What is the habitat of this type of dolphin? The Commerson's dolphin lives in the coastal waters of Argentina, Chili, Falkland and Kerguelen. Is this type of dolphin amongst the list of endangered dolphins? No, although this specie is living in specific areas, which makes it less common and more difficult to observe, the Commerson's dolphin is not one of the species of endangered dolphins.

What is the weight of an adult Commerson's dolphin? The weight of this dolphin specie varies between 40-60 kg. As for the length of this marine mammal, it can attain a maximum of 1.7 meters long.

What types of food do these dolphins eat? The menu of the Commerson's dolphin is offering quite a variety. This specie eats krill, crabs, small fishes and cephalopods.

As you can see, the Commerson's dolphin is an intriguing marine mammal that deserves to be discovered and appreciated a lot more than it is now.

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