Swimming with dolphins

There are quite a few reasons why people would love to go swimming with dolphins. First, there is the excitement of interacting up close with these beloved marine mammals. This activity is growing in popularity among the numeral attractions in the Tourism Industry of
several countries.

Second, this type of activity is also being used as animal therapy with people with disabilities, depression and disorders such as Autism to improve their level of motivation, their self esteem and in certain cases, their physical and verbal skills. A lot of success has been accredited to this type of therapy. Although these professional sessions can be expensive, relatives of patients are mostly so impressed by the benefits of such a therapy that they are convinced that it was a cheap price to pay for such rewards.

Third, this type of activity is popular with pregnant women in certain countries such as Peru. You see, scientists believe that brain growth of the fetus is stimulated by the brain waves and the language of the dolphin.

Fourth, charity organizations such as Dreams Come True are giving the opportunity to children with serious illnesses to live a dream such as swimming with dolphins. For example, in April 2006, a five years old little girl who has been battling cancer will be sent in Florida, all expenses paid, by the charity Dreams Come True to live her dream.

Is it dangerous for pregnant women to participate in such an activity with wild animals? Well, you should know that these dolphins are well trained and it is also part of their natural behavior to sense the pregnancy and display a protective behavior in the presence of a pregnant woman. Some women actually found out that they were pregnant even before it could be detected on a pregnancy test.

Where can you go swimming with dolphins? Here are a few places where you can go: Florida Keys (in a tank or in the wild), Hawaii, in the Bahamas, in the Caribbean, in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Costa Rica, New Zealand, etc. So why wait? Treat yourself to an experience of a lifetime…and enjoy it fully!

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