Swim with dolphins fl keys

People have been interested in living the experience of swimming with the dolphins, first hand for centuries. In several locations, swimming with these marine mammals is legal in both captivity as well as in the wild. The U.S. government has declared it illegal to swim with wild dolphins almost everywhere within its boundaries to the exception of the Florida Keys and Hawaii. So if you wish to live such a wonderful experience, you can swim with dolphins fl keys.

You see, it is a lot easier for the US government to monitor the healthy lifestyle and the well being of these marine mammals while in captivity then in the wild. How? Simply by having established strict regulations to follow such as:

- The ration people-to-dolphin must be at 3 to 1.

- Each dolphin must spend a maximum of 2 hours / day, interacting.

- Each day of work must be followed by a 10 hours rest / 24 hours.

- Limits are also set concerning the size of the area of interaction.

It is also important to remember that in captivity or in the wild, you must always respect the dolphins as you are the visitor in their habitat and not the opposite.

If you wish to swim with dolphins fl keys, you can find the following locations where dolphins are living in captivity. This is a popular tourist attraction but it can also be done in the therapeutic sense such as dolphin assisted therapy research which is used for numerous situations. Some of them are: occupational therapy, physiotherapy, motivation for progression such as in non-verbal children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, depression or even, according to certain medical experts, to help develop the brain of the fetus in the womb of pregnant women. Such locations include, in Florida Keys: Sea World, the Dolphin Research Center, Dolphins Plus and the Theater of the Sea.
On the other hand, if you wish to swim with dolphins fl keys but in their wild habitat, you are able to do so at the following locations: in the Florida Keys, Captain Ron Canning from Dolphin Watch and Captain Vicki Impallomeni, both from the Key West area, can offer you this experience. You may also swim in the wild while visiting the Hilton Waikoloa that is situated on the main island in Hawaii.

If you wish to read more information concerning this activity, you can go to the main pages of this site called: "dolphin assisted therapy research" or "ecotourism in tourism". Give yourself a chance to live the experience of a lifetime. Allow yourself to go swim with dolphins fl keys.

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