Pictures of real dolphins

What is so special about pictures of real dolphins such as bottlenose dolphins pics? Well, amongst other things, they are showing the various species in their entire splendor and with all the accurate details compared to graphics and GIF's. Also, wild jumping dolphins can be observed either during a show, in an aquarium or in their natural habitat such as during a dolphin watch tour.

If you wish to see pictures of the various dolphin species, I invite you to visit the main page of this site called: "What are the 32 types of dolphins?" You can also read some interesting facts about each type of dolphin by reading the article that is related to it on the main page called: "Articles".

There are several sites that offer pictures of real dolphins. You can find a few of them on the main page of this site called: "Pictures of dolphins & more". What are people looking for in pictures of real dolphins compared to graphics? Well, accuracy, physiological details, actions and sometimes interactions and reactions.

They can also see their behavior in their natural habitat in several settings and situations such as a mother with its calf, a pod of dolphins, during a session of dolphin assisted therapy research or while swimming with dolphins as the experience of a lifetime.

Pictures of real dolphins also allow you to compare and observe the characteristics of each specie without the alterations or omissions of graphics. For example, you can compare some Fraser's dolphin pictures to some bottlenose dolphins pics.

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