Wild jumping dolphins, fishing partners at times

A little while ago, there was a documentary on dolphins on one of the channels. Since I was always interesting in finding amazing facts about dolphins, I certainly did not expect to see the incredible sight that I did a few minutes later.

The scene that I am about to describe to you seemed almost magical as I knew that dolphin intelligence is quite impressive but I also thought that good dolphin trainers were the main reason for the spectacular tricks such as the ones taught at the Sea World dolphin training facility.

I soon realized that for centuries and maybe even thousands of years, tribal fishermen such as the ones that live in the tropical areas, have actually used a special fishing technique. They put their handmade nets in the shallow waters by the beach as the sun goes down. Then, with an object that looks like a paddle, one of the fishermen strongly hit the water with the flat part of it, asking for the dolphins help.

Since, dusk happens to be a busy feeding time for all marine life in the oceans, the pod of dolphins follows a school of tuna fish and guide them towards the nets. As they end up being trapped in both the nets and shallow waters, they jump in a frenzied dance while you can see the wild jumping dolphins nearby. As a reward, part of the loot is given to them as a grateful gesture.

While it can seem to be a cruel scene to animal lovers, it also is an amazing event to witness but you must not forget that here, dolphins are not imprisoned or mistreated but they freely help out and share a partnership that benefit both parties involved. Also, it is important not to forget that this is the circle of life which means that fish is basically used for the survival of both these marine mammals and their human partners. As you can see, wild jumping dolphins can be great fishing partners at times.

If you ever travel in tropical areas where this fishing ritual is still used, I encourage you to use this opportunity to witness one of the most amazing shows on Earth. Also, if you are interested in reading other articles concerning either swimming with dolphins or dolphin watching tours, I invite you to read the main page of this site called: "Ecotourism in Tourism" as well as the articles that are related to it on the main page called: "Articles Too". Read and enjoy the content of these articles.

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