Historical facts about dolphins

Approximately 50 million years ago, when life was still developing into a variety of species, the first marine mammals appeared on Earth. Let's discover some historical facts about dolphins.

Dolphins are amongst the marine mammals that belong to the scientific order of Cetacean. This order also includes whales and porpoises. The Cetacean is also divided into three categories or suborders. There is the Odontoceti, commonly referred to as the toothed whales' category, which includes the killer whale, the beluga whale, dolphins and porpoises. Today's forms of Odontocetes appeared about 4 to 5 million years ago.

The second suborder is called the Mysticeti, which includes both the blue whale and the grey whale. The third suborder is the Archaeoceti, which represents the Squalodonte, or first Cetacean which is dolphins' and whales' ancestor.

Millions of years ago, the first Cetaceans were able to live in and out of the ocean. Amongst the historical facts about dolphins, Scientifics found that their physiology adapted to their life on land by growing legs instead of fins and by having nostrils which later became a blowhole. This allowed them to live in dense jungles, which later were transformed into immersed lands.

The extinct group of Archaeoceti has disappeared for unknown reasons, contrary to other suborders which went back to the ocean. The only remains of this suborder have been fossilized through time. Fossils of the Squalodonte were discovered in both Germany and Italy.

Today's Odontocetes have fins, a blowhole, a body that is long and narrow and finally, teeth. What other interesting facts about dolphins can I share with you? Well, another one is that the oldest fossil of a Cetacean was called Pakicetus as it was discovered in the Himalayans Mountains situated on the Pakistani border. This discovery was done in the eighties.

As you can see, history can share several interesting facts about dolphins. I only introduced you to the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to learn more facts about dolphins, invite you to browse the pages of this site.

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