Terminally ill children swimming with dolphins

"Terminally ill children swimming with dolphins" occasionally make the headlines of a newspaper. Why should newspaper make it a headline? Well, it is simply because, for a change, they have something good to write about, although it is based on a sad story.

A child in itself is full of dreams. Life gives them the opportunity to realize some of them. Unfortunately, when health fails this child, his time is often cut short and all he sees is the pain and the sorrow that is at the end of the tunnel for his family and himself. Fortunately, there are several charitable organizations that pride themselves in making some of these dreams a reality.

As a teacher, I already had two students that faced the terrible diagnostic of Cancer. Unfortunately, one of them did not live long enough to see at least one of his dreams come true. The other one had the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation to realize two of her dreams: a family trip to Disney World and a computer. This is why I appreciate these organizations help in making these dreams come true.

What is there in a dream such as terminally ill children swimming with dolphins? Well, for these children, dolphins have been among their favorite animals. They are the type that gives them a piece of heaven on Earth.

This is a special time when pain, sorrow and fear are not part of the picture. Each one of these children is enjoying each moment spent with these friendly marine mammals.

For some children, it may give them the strength to fight their medical condition as others will realize that dreams can come true if you believe. Either way, when you read a headline entitled: "Terminally children swimming with dolphins" you can be sure that the organization behind this dream has not only made a dream come true but they also gave happiness and hope to a child overcome by the darkness related with his diagnosis.

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