Haeviside's dolphin

The Haeviside's dolphin is another specie of dolphin that is surrounded by mystery and unknown information. In fact, the amount of information collected by humans is so small that there are simple details that are still missing in the data concerning the Haeviside's dolphin.

What is the Heaviside dolphin size? His length can attain 1.7 meters long and his weight varies from 40-80 kg.

Is the Haeviside's dolphin on the list of endangered dolphins? No, despite the fact that these dolphins habitat is near the coast of South Africa, which puts these marine mammals in a specific region, they are not on the endangered dolphins list.

What does the Haeviside's dolphin eat? Its menu is not as
diversified as other dolphins. This specie of dolphin mainly eats fishes and cephalopods.

As you can see, there is so much more to learn about the Haeviside's dolphin. If you have the opportunity to ever go dolphin watching in South Africa, don't miss out on such an opportunity! Who knows, you might even find out more information on them than some experts.

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