How do dolphins mate?

Like most mammals, humans included, dolphins tend to express their sexual attraction by using their senses such as: rubbing, biting, etc.

When a male is attracted to a female, they will use certain sounds such as: clicking, informing the female of his intentions. When the female, who has responded with either body language or vocal sounds, she will usually allow the male to approach her. Sometimes, she may even allow more than one male to court her and/or mate with her.
The next step is touching each other. Both male and female rub each other's body, especially on the slit, which covers the genitals, as well as on the dorsal fin. As they become more passionate, they tend to bite the fin, sometimes leaving scars or cuts. This kind of seduction ritual can last quite a long time.

When the female is ready to mate, she will either swim on the surface of the water or swim on her side to allow the male to mate with her. This process is very brief as it lasts only a few seconds. As you can see, these marine mammals are capable of passion.

Like I mentioned earlier, the female dolphin can accept the attentions and affection of more than one male at a time but it has also been witnessed that since males are quite aggressive when in the mood that they do not always mate with the consent of the female.

If you ever have the opportunity to witness a mating ritual while being on a dolphin watching tour, you will be amazed by their displays of passion, tenderness and affection.

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