Dolphin sounds audio

What do I mean when I say: "dolphin sounds audio"? Well, first of all, as you know, dolphins use a specific language that can be used in both echolocation and for communication purposes. These sounds are usually high frequency ones which are not always heard by the human ear but they can be recorded using some audio technology.

What is the link between "echolocation" and "dolphins' language"? Dolphins use various sounds to locate their prey, a predator, a calf or one of their own. When the sound comes back to the dolphin, the strength of the message tells them the distance and if one of their own is weak and helpless, etc. I guess you could always compare
"dolphins echolocation" to a naturally built-in radar.

Is there a link between their language and their intelligence level? First of all, contrary to the shark, the size of the dolphin's brain is bigger which means that it is more developed and is not solely responding to their natural instincts. In fact, some scientists say that if intelligence would go with the size of the brain, dolphins should be more intelligent than humans as their brain is bigger. Dolphins have been
known not only to be trained to provide entertainment but also to be used as a military tool by the navy. They also have proven several times to use strategy and even save the lives of humans against sharks.

Dolphins sounds audio recordings have also been used to analyze, study and discover their language to enable humans to communicate with them effectively. Others have been used as a tool of relaxation as their language and sounds can provide a stress-free environment for some people.

It does not matter why you would be interested in acquiring dolphin sounds audio recordings, either way, I am convinced that it will either satisfy a curious mind as well as relax a highly stressed one.

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