Diving with dolphins, the experience of a lifetime!

If you ever had the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins either into the wild or in an aquarium, you will agree that there is nothing like it!

If, on the other hand, you have been diving with dolphins into the wild, the experience is beyond words. Although wild dolphins can be unpredictable, observing them first hand in their natural habitat is unbelievable.

What if you could have the best of both worlds: observe dolphins' behavior into their natural habitat while enjoying the safe company of trained dolphins? Well, believe it or not, the academy "Ocean Encounters" made this unique blend, a reality. In fact, located on the Caribbean Island of Curacao, Dutch West Indies, which is about 37 kilometers North of Venezuela, the Dolphin Academy and Ocean Encounters is offering the experience of a lifetime.

They have trained eight bottlenose dolphins to allow people to go diving with dolphins into their natural habitat. Dolphins are not fed or trained to perform shows but instead, they let divers observe them and their behavior into their wild habitat.

Divers can hear them whistle and witness their use of echolocation. Divers can even watch their hunting skills while in the process of catching a fish, feeding on a prey or observe their playful behavior. This can be all yours, while enjoying close encounters with these friendly marine mammals.

If you wish to plan such a trip, you can make some reservations online at or if you wish to get some information, you can visit their site at . You can visit Sunquest Vacations, which offers seven resorts. American Airlines provides daily flights to Curacao.

A good place to stay is the Lions Dive & Beach Resort Curacao, which is located across from the Sea Aquarium a.k.a. Dolphin Academy. If you wish to obtain more information on the attractions of Curacao, visit their site at: or contact them at: 1-800-3CURACAO. Packages make this experience affordable as well as enjoyable and memorable.

Make Curacao your next vacation spot. After all, diving with dolphins is what dreams are made of and so much more.

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