What is a Common dolphin?

What is a Common dolphin? It is a dolphin that has a multiple colored design that is often observed while dolphin watching as it is known to live in most oceans and seas.

What is a Common dolphin scientific name? The scientific name for the Common dolphin is Delphinus Delphis. The size of this dolphin varies in both weight and length. The weight of the Common dolphin, varies from 75-85 kg. Its length can attain from 1.70-2.40 meters long.

What is a Common dolphin living in our world? The habitat where the Common dolphin lives includes all oceans and seas with the exception of the polar waters. The Common dolphins eat mainly three types of food: fishes, cephalopods and anchovies.

Like many dolphins, the three main Common dolphin predators are humans, sharks and other dolphins such as the Killer Whale. Humans are dangerous with their nets and their hunting. What is a Common dolphin doing in humans' nets? As they are hunting for food themselves, they get caught in nets, get hurt and drown. Accidental or not, Common dolphins still are victimized by humans. Sharks are also a big concern for common dolphins as they prey on calves, small dolphins, hurt, sick or dying dolphins. As for bigger dolphins like the Killer Whale, dolphins happen to be on their menu.

What is a Common dolphin way to defend itself? The Common dolphins defenses are either flight, warning others by clicking and whistling, to travel in group or to use their snout to hit and poke their predators.

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