Southern Right Whale dolphin

The Southern Right Whale dolphin is not as well-known by people living in the Northern hemisphere as this particular specie's habitat is located in the Southern hemisphere.

The scientific name of the Southern Right Whale dolphin is Lissodelphis Peronii. The size of this type of dolphin varies from 2.3-3 meters in length as for its weight; it can reach up to 100 kg.

This dolphin has a very peculiar characteristic. It has no dorsal fin unlike dolphins of most other species. Only one other specie of dolphin has this peculiar characteristic as well. This specie is called the Northern Right Whale dolphin.

The menu of the Southern Right Whale dolphin includes cephalopods and fishes as the main food items. Although this specie does live in a specific region, it is not part of the endangered dolphins list.

As you can see, the Southern Right Whale dolphin has an unusual feature to offer concerning the facts about dolphins.

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