Are Spotted dolphins rare or uncommon?

Are Spotted dolphins rare or uncommon? As a matter a fact, these dolphins are not rare or uncommon, this is more the opposite unlike some of his cousins, mainly the majority of the river dolphins.

The scientific name of the Spotted dolphin is Stenella Attenuata. The length of this type of dolphin varies from 2.2 up to 2.5 meters long. As for its weight, it ranges between 100 and and140 kg.

Often, people are asking the question: "Are Spotted dolphins rare or uncommon?" but in fact, they are actually a popular type that you can observe while dolphin watching in both tropical and subtropical seas which represent its natural habitat.

The menu of the Spotted dolphin contains mainly fishes and squids. While this marine mammal is not as well-known as the Bottlenose dolphin which is often used in acrobatic shows, in aquarium displays or in movies and television shows, it does not mean that the Spotted dolphin belongs on the list of endangered dolphins. It is just less popular because of the specific regions where its habitat is located which is not necessarily along our coastal waters depending where you live now.

With all the information that you just read about the Spotted dolphin, you are now able to answer yourself to other people's question: "Are Spotted dolphins rare or uncommon?"

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