Dolphins echolocation

What is dolphins echolocation? It is a variety of sounds that is used in dolphin communication.

Humans are using words and several languages to communicate with each other. Dolphins are using several sounds such as whistling and clicking to communicate with their peers. This type of communication is called dolphins echolocation.

One expert even recorded as much as 68 different clicking sounds. She mentioned that the sounds can be differentiated by the high pitch level, how frequent, etc. The body language, behavior and reactions are also important parts of communication but do not refer to dolphins echolocation.

Echolocation is not only used to communicate with other dolphins but it is also used to locate, as indicated in the root of this word, preys, other dolphins, predators, a lost baby or a sick dolphin.

How does echolocation work? When a dolphin is producing a sound, it bounces off objects and creatures then it bounces back in the dolphin's direction who is picking up the sound and the information given by it when its sonar receives it. The dolphin's brain then analyzes it which will create a reaction in the dolphin who will act accordingly to the information.

What type of information can echolocation provide to a dolphin? It provides vibrations, their frequency, the level of energy, the distance and it the object is moving or not.

I guess that you could compare this sound to an echo that bounces off objects to come back to its source. That is why this word is also part of the word "echolocation".

When a dolphin is using echolocation, he uses his echolocation organs to produce, receive and analyze the information. At first, it produces a sound in the air sac that is situated beside its blowhole. The sound is then projected through the nasal airways. When it comes back to the dolphin, it is received by the ears which are part of the sonar. The sound then bounces off the melon which is a fatty tissue located in the dolphin's forehead then is analyzed by the brain.

What is sonar? It is the natural ability or natural system that is used for the reception of the sounds of voices and received by the ears. It is used as an important part of the dolphins echolocation and therefore communication system.

Here is a diagram that shows how dolphin echolocation works for both sending and receiving the required signals to get the information needed. This type of information usually includes obstacles, predators and preys. It can also be used to locate another dolphin such as one that is sick, hurt or in danger. It can also be used to find lost calves or loners.

Dolphin echolocation
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