Dolphins jewelry

Dolphins are not only intriguing marine mammals but they are also symbolic in several ways such as in dolphins jewelry.

For example, in the Renaissance period while the explorers were forced to travel the world by navigating seas and oceans due to the closure of the Constantinople route to both India and China to find a route to so they could continue to export such products as silk, gold, spices and silver, they faced several obstacles, superstitions and learned a lot as well.

One of the superstitions they came to believe in was that if they saw dolphins near by, luck was on their side and often they would follow them, feeling as if they were leading on the right path. Sometimes, the front of their ship even had a dolphin carved into it for luck. While they were exploring, they also discovered that several culture honor these wonderful creatures in several ways such as making and wearing dolphins jewelry.

In other cultures, they sculpted figurines or created handmade dolphin jewelry to wear around their neck or to proudly wear on their body as a sign of luck or fertility. Nowadays, a lot of people are wearing dolphin jewelry as a lucky symbol, as a favorite charm or pendant or for the gracious design or any other reason as it is a personal choice.

In the several articles that are related to this main page, you will be able to find a variety of dolphins jewelry items such as: a dolphin anklet, some handmade silver dolphin jewelry one of kind, gold dolphin jewelry and a lot more. Feel free to read these articles!

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