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Dolphin Assisted Therapy Research
The dolphin assisted therapy research has allowed some people with special needs to do some noticeable improvement while using this type of therapy.

Dolphins echolocation
Dolphins echolocation system is basically their way to communicate, locate and receive some important information. Some could be related to their needs such as food or even their safety against some predators.

Dolphins jewelry
Dolphins have been intriguing humans and honored by mankind since the beginning of the world which is why dolphins jewelry is so popular. Let's find out how and why it is so.

Ecotourism in tourism
Ecotourism and tourism share some similarities as they both appeal to tourists who wish to learn and observe dolphins in their natural habitat which is why is it often referred to as ecotourism in tourism.

Endangered dolphins
The fact that some dolphins are endangered is an important problem to be considered and solved properly. Let's give a hand to Mother Nature and help out endangered dolphins to survive by changing our ways.


Facts about dolphins
Where can I read some facts about dolphins? The answer is simple…right here! Feel free to also consult the articles about this topic.

Pictures of dolphins & more
This page will introduce you to a variety of items based on the theme of dolphins such as pictures of dolphins, etc. Anything to satisfy the interest of the dolphin's amateur is here!

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What are the 32 types of dolphins?
Did you ever ask yourself the question: "What are the 32 types of dolphins?" Well, let us give you a detailed answer.

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